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I have a Dell E310, and installed an ATI Radeon LX9200 graphics card but it did not work. Is this card compatible with the E310?
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  1. LX9200, you sure, the E310 has an old Intel 915 mobo, but the card should work. Exlain your problem.
  2. Yes, I thought the card would work also, however, after installing, with the monitor connected to onboard graphics, I had nothing but a black screen after boot-up. I switched the monitor to the graphics card and had the same thing. I then shut down the computer, installed drivers, connected to graphics card, and booted up. Still had black screen. Any help you can give me would be great.
  3. Um when PC boots press F2 or 12, enter main menu, find a section that controls video, there should be a setting where you can toggle whether to use onboard or add-in graphics, on my mobo it was Onboard/ PEG, if it detects a graphics card it disables the onboard and switched boot to video card, remember to switch monitor plug from onboard plug to video card!
  4. I'll give it a try. Thanks.
  5. Ok, I went into the BIOS and the video was set to automatic. I installed card, connected to onboard graphics, and booted up. The monitor came alive. Good so far. I installed ATI CCC and rebooted. The onboard graphics still works, however, the graphics card does not. I just get a black screen.
  6. You need to set the Video card to primary display adaptor. If you do not want to run multiple monitors dissable onboard video.
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