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I have a question about networking. Keep in mind that I am definitely qualified to network three computers together, but for some reason this just will not work.

I have three computers connected to a network. One is Windows XP that is hard-wired to the router (a Netgear N router). I have two computers, both running Windows 7 Home Premium, that are wireless to the router. The network is setup with WPA security.

First, I cannot get HomeGroup to work. Both computers can create a home group, but neither will see the other. I've tried disabling and re-enabling IPv6. I've tried network diagnostics. I've tried HomeGroup diagnostics. I've tried disconnecting both and reconnecting. I've tried synchronizing the clocks together to the exact second. Like I said -- both will create one, but neither will see one that's already been made. Both computers have Windows Firewall off (done through command prompt to ensure it's off).

Here's another problem: neither Windows 7 computer will access shared files. Actually, it won't even give me the option to access the computer's shared files. When I go into Computer --> Network, it doesn't show anything else on the network. If I go into Network and Sharing Center and I click on network map, it will show the other computer is on the network but it gives me no option to select it. Both computers have File and Print Sharing on, both have Network discovery on, and both are free of any antivirus/firewall programs that would cause this to happen.

Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening? And yes, both computers have full access to the internet. They both have strong signals.

I would greatly appreciate any help you may give.
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  1. I don't normally do this, but bump? Desperate times call for desperate measures..haha.
  2. TBH, I ignored homegroup so I don't have any experience with it. For a few months before windows 7 got put on everything, I had a linux server running samba. Everyone got used to just connecting to it for everything. Now there are issues even using the older normal way that worked fine in XP and vista, so the entire thing is ignored because connecting to the server acts as expected and the rest was never troubleshot. Just by bashing my main comp over the head enough to allow "everybody" access it has finally let people in, but that was anything but a easy process.
  3. Most of the time networking is really creating problems, but don't worry it will be solving now.
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