Best Motherboard for AMD Phenom II X4


I have the following:

amd phenom II x4
2} Geforce 88ooGT (512)
1000 watt power supply
4 sticks ram mem

I'm looking for a mobo that will allow SLI mode and handle really extended hrs of use. (I'm a GAMER at heart) I want 2.0 speeds at the usb!! {Price of Mobo under 500 bucks is the limit} Any Ideas ?

P.S. What will be the fastest mem I'll need for the mobo or will the 4 gig I have be good? (Ballistix DDR2 PC2-6400/DDR2-800 1 gig sticks)

I thank you in advance for your help.

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  1. Yes, now it's an endless loop!
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