Plz Help !

Help :pt1cable: !

CPU/Processor > Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.20GHz
Video Card > XFX ATI HD 4770 512mb GDDR5
RAM > 2 gb DDR2
Hard Drive > 360 GB
OS > Windows 7 64-Bit

Can these system specs run 2010 games (Assassins Creed II , Splinter Cell:Conviction , BLUR , Alpha Protocol , Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City , Just Cause 2 , Metro 2033 , Battlefield bad company 2 ...)
at high-medium setting (Resolution@1440x900) ?

If not :pfff: , What part of my computer should be upgraded for performance?

Thanks in advance ;)
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  1. i got intel 1 core with 2 threads and 3gb ram,9500gt 1 gb and am running almost every new game but my graphic card isn't helping much :D
  2. You should OC your CPU to 3+ Ghz and it will play all the games fine :)

    You may also add another 2GB stick as games require 2+GB Ram :)
  3. Well you could run most of them @ med-high; battlefield @ maybe medium. But most certainly, Metro 2033 will be a slideshow. You'll have to make do with rock bottom settings for that one, that too at a lower resolution.
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