Asus Maximus III memory slots and Titan Fenrir

Hello all,

For those of you who haven't seen the Maximus III Formula, you can have a glance here:

My situation is the following, i recently installed the Titan Fenrir cooler onto this motherboard. My memory modules are fitted into the red slots as can be seen in the picture. The Fenrir, with the fan equipped in a push configuration, is so wide the fan actually pushes over onto the memory module in the slot nearest to the CPU. The module sits in the slot skewed over to the right slightly. Not enough to cause a mass panic in my head, but enough to ask the following. Will moving the affected module onto the black slot furthest from the CPU affect the memory being in dual channel mode? I always assumed that you must fill the same coloured memory slots to achieve that effect, or is it some sort of aesthetic thing?

Any information would be greatly appreciated, and i apologise if i have this in the wrong forum but i primarily classed this as a mobo problem, though in reality it could go into memory and coolers too.

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  1. For Dual Channel, keep them in the RED slots only. If you have Corsair Dominator then unscrew to top heatsink off <or> if it were me raise the fans {evenly} enough to clear the RAM.
  2. Thanks for the reply Jaquith. The fan is kept in place with two clips that don't look like they can be raised. Would i have to use cable ties of some description. Also would raising the fan from its optimum position affect cooling performance?

  3. Duh, what RAM do you have?? {HyperX}

    Run the bottom through the fan grill {in between fins @ bottom if needed} vs under & over to raise the fan. No, if the fan is extended ~1/4" {1 CM} or less over the top then it won't effect to the overall cooling. Do it 'evenly' meaning to both fans; keep the airflow the same. I assume too that the fans are identical...

    Test it before and after; make me a liar.
  4. Erm, i have Corsair Dominator GT. The cooling fins at the top make the sticks pretty tall.

    And that sounds like a good idea i'll see what i can do. Also, i'll take your word for it in terms of cooling, thanks very much :).
  5. The tops of the GT can unscrew as I mentioned earlier, and won't pose a problem unless you are OC'ing both the RAM and CPU. The HyperX are 'really tall,' I'm surprised, well sort of, that the GT are hitting the fan. BTW - I did see the signature, but I've learned not to assume the 'same' build.

    Good Luck!
  6. Its not so much the tallness of the sticks, its the fact that the wideness of the Fenrir+fan pushes over onto the sticks. But yeah i'll see what i can do, thanks!
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