Building Gaming PC and need advice on equipment

Building a new pc for my son and I. I got an ad from tiger direct on what looks to be pretty good pricing but you guys probably know better.

XFX HD477AYDFC Radeon HD 4770 Video Card at $80
AMD Athlon II X4 635 Quad Core Processor ADX635WFGIBOX at $100
MSI 785GM-E51 Motherboard at $80

Good deal for the price or are any of these peices going to be a slowdown on say "Battlefield Bad Company 2"?

Thanks for your help
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  1. Get a faster dual core (not quad) and a 5750

    = Al = Just advice .. ignore at your whim
  2. Alvin Smith said:
    Get a faster dual core (not quad) and a 5750

    = Al = Just advice .. ignore at your whim


    I thought the Quad core was a faster processor but (and correct me if I am wrong) without software that can use it its an increase in money without an increase in speed. So my example game would not take adavantage of the quad, what about BioShock? Or do I need to go to the back of the class and start over?
  3. I can only speak to gaming in general terms ... fps ... hi-rez ... etc.

    Generally ... games care much more about CPU clock rate than number of cores BUT, newer games will certainly be looking for more cores, in future. If you can afford an x3 CPU and a core-unlocker mobo ... with greater than 3GHz stock clock ... go for that.

    5750 is entry level, for fps at reduced rez.

    = Al =
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    There are a few very capable budget gaming builds going on (right now) on this (current) thread.
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