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i was thinking of buying this processor, as I have the spare money, and my rig is badass, except the i3 2120 im running... Currently I have 2 660 TIs, 16gb of corsair ram, and the i3 2120..... My question is: I have a DH67BL Motherboard, On intels compatibility website, It says its compatible, but says different BIOs versions, So all I have to do, is download and install the updated bios, and it will run fine on my motherboard is this correct then ?

Heres the link to intels site with my compatibility chart, the i7-3770k is what I'm looking to get.


^ It confuses me, it says:

Spec#----Processor Frequency ---Intel HD Graphics Cache-----Bus Speed------Min. BIOS Version----Compatible Board Revision
SR0PL ------3.50 GHz----------------------Yes------------8 MB--------- N/A----------------0146----------G10189-206, G10189-207, G10189-208, G10189-209, G10189-210, G10189-211
SR0PL------ 3.50 GHz---------------------Yes-------------8 MB----------N/A----------------0150-------------G10189-212 or later, G44434- All

My board is a G10189-211, So does this mean its compatible as long as I use bios version 0146 and not a newer one, I'm confused
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  1. It says Minimum BIOS version 0146 so if you use version 0146 or newer you will be OK.
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