Memory for Asus Rampage III Formula

I am building a system using the Asus Rampage III Formula Motherboard

and I am trying to determine the best compatible memory to use, I am looking to use 12GB of memory in either a 6x2GB or 3x4GB configuration and I am hoping to spend around $200. I have been comparing items from the compatibility list from Asus with items on newegg but cant seem to find more than one compatible set in my price range. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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  1. Quote:
    you haven't research that board then..
    2x6GB will be a performance drawback and not optimal performance, this is a dual channel configuration.
    the LGA1366 and core i7 motherboard is a triple channel memory configuration...
    so the 3x4GB for 12GB is the best...

    Oops, I had that backward, meant to say 6x2GB, corrected my post though it seems I will just be looking for 3x4GB based on your suggestion.
  2. Quote:
    slid another post in there.
    try not to use all slots on motherboard if you can avoid it.
    a few different reasons why 3x4GB is better.
    check out the above link..

    So even though the kit at the top of the list you linked(CT3KIT51264BA1339) isn't on the QVL for this board it should work all right?
  3. Quote:
    yes, the list probably hasn't been updated.
    but crucial guarantees it..

    I am ordering the crucial then, thanks for your assistance.
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