Asus HD 7950 OCd @ 900Mhz Crash

I bought a Asus HD 7950 two days ago and now trying to OC it. Default clock is 800Mhz (Old BIOS I guess). I increased the clock to 900Mhz without changing anything else and when I run Ghost Recon FS for a few mins the two GPU cooling fans start spinning crazy and the card shuts down giving no display signal. Even at 825Mhz same happens. Temps max 72'C with no case cooling fans.
I thought I could OC this over 1Ghz without changing voltage but I'm so confused. My PSU is Seasonic X-650 so no way this is a PSU fault.. I'm guessing something is wrong with Asus GPU tweak as the store adviced me not to use it to OC.
Is the card faulty or something else?
Thanks in advance..
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  1. increase the voltage with asus software or msi afterburner
    my 7970 would crash too with stock voltages when oced to 1125 on the core
  2. Is this the v2 version (The fixed one)

    Also, remember overclocking is the luck of the draw. You might of gotten a terrible overclocking card. I recently purchased the V1 version, and I love it. I've done some heavy overclocking to it, and its been able to push 1.2 GHZ because of its enormous heatsink.

    As long as the card is working at stock clocks without crashing, the store probably wouldn't accept a return.
  3. Also, I've noticed Msi afterburner giving MUCH more voltage control on my 7950 than GPU tweak. MSI afterburner allows me to slide up to 1.3 V (Although the VRM cooling is terrible on the DCII 7950, so I can't really get past 1.2).
  4. @JJ1217 - This isn't V2. Just the original card. My stock clock is 800Mhz while V2 is at 900Mhz (I was waiting for a V2 card but settled with this because they don't bring V2).
    I tried to OC again and noticed that when running the card at stock made it crash when using Asus GPU tweak. I'm certain this is a software problem. Now I'll try to OC my card up to 900Mhz with MSI Afterburner.
  5. Okay guys,
    I OCd my card up to 925Mhz on clock (default 800) and 1300Mhz on memory (default 1200) after 4-5 hours of gaming there were no crashes, stutters or shuttering. FPS stayed at 50 in areas where default clock would show 45FPS. A slight improvement is there. No I'm certain that GPU tweak is utter garbage..
    However there is no increase in furmark scores. It hovers around 1800 on standard 1080p test.. Very unusual. Should I send the card back to the store to RMA? Also, does V2 has better VRAM cooling?
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