Ghosting on Asus x213h 21.5" LCD monitor

I got a brand new ASUS LCD monitor in early February from new egg. I've been noticing "moving" horizontal lines rather faintly. I adjusting different settings and was able to have to lines disappear, but now a "ghosting" image appears. It also seems that the lines come and go. I change my refresh rate; which I only have 2 options for. I have an 8800GT with current drivers. I've adjusted the resolution, the refresh rate...and a couple other things in the nvidia control panel. I made sure there were no other cords or items that could cause interference. I also moved my gfx card to a different pci slot.

Nothing. I don't know if it's my imagination, but it might, and I stress might, be getting worse. I'm tearing my hair out over this! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I don't ever recall seeing these lines up until about 2 to 3 weeks ago. The vertical lines seem to come and go and their intensity tends to change. Again, this may be due to a dark on light background which just gives the lines more contrast, but I'm not really positive. I'd rather have the ghosting issue over the lines, but I don't want either!

Thanks! You guys are always helpful!

The ghosting effect is quite exaggerated in the pictures, but this gives you an idea.
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  1. I once saw a similar problem on an old old CRT in my old school, it was fixed by moving the plug that is connected to teh port until teh line dissappeared. However personally I think it's either the port or plug problem. Try connecting the monitor to another VGA or DVI port.
  2. I have a big asus vk266h. i found a ghosting issue aswell, and it is related to the overdrive feature in the osd menu. Just lower that or turn it off to get rid of the ghosting! One of the cons of the asus "2ms response time" claim is the the overdrive that does this is so aggressive and it causes ghosting and so you have to lower it and you end up not even getting your 2ms response time! Not to mention it is gtg.
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