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I bought the Sims 2 Pets and then found out that you had to buy the Sims 2 first. So I bought the Sims 2. I played the games for a few months. Then our computer had issues and we switched softwares and both the Sims disappeared. I have the code for Sims 2 Pets but the code for the Sims 2 has been misplaced. Now I can't play either of them and wasted 60$. Is there a way I could get another code for the Sims 2 so I can play both of them again?
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  1. You are not being clear or detailed enough for us to be able to help you.
    1. What softwares? What do you mean "disappeared"?
    2. Code? What are you talking about? Where did you buy the game? Why do you not have a physical disc if your purchased from a store or an online iso image you can download anytime you want over and over again if you purchased online?

    Let me know and I'll respond back.
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