Help Deciding on a Mobo CPU Combo

I have two options before me as far as a computer build...

For $250 I can get

1. MSI P55-GD80 and an Intel i4 750 Quad Core CPU (No onboard video)


2. Biostar TA890GXB and AMD 1055T Phenom II X6 (Onboad video)

I would be using the computer for data analysis on Matlab / moving lots of Data to and from external Drives / Creating presentations

No Gaming...none

Any other suggestions are welcome

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  1. Quote:
    Id say Neither.
    Getting the GD80 is just wasting money asa it only has enhaced OC features compared to cheaper mobos, and the Biostar just aint trustworthy enough.

    But overall quality/value wise the first one is better.

    Considering you need "moving lots of Data to and from external Drives", you might want a USB3 mobo + a 1055T combo.

    Thanks for the Quick Reply Timop...
    If you would not recommend either combo do you have one in mind that is better for the same cost?

    The GD80 has USB 3.0 and can OC fairly well (faster clock = quicker matlab runs) while the Biostar 890's have some good reviews out there which state that they are stable at 4.0Ghz....which is why I am having a hard time choosing between them
  2. The MSI P55-GD80 has only USB 2.0 (you are right...I mixed it up with the SATA III)

    Mat-lab is multi-threaded using the parafor command in m-codes....otherwise no. It is up to the user to write their code to take advantage of multiple cores.
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