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Hi. I just finished assembling my first attempt at a home/custom built PC, and right now, I am quite frustrated. I have:
> Asus P4P800 SE motherboard
> Intel P4 3.2 gHz CPU
> 4 GB DDR 333mHz RAM
> 320 GB Western Digital 7200RPM Hard Drive
> nVidia FX 5600 AGP card
> Audio Card
> Plextor PX-880SASW LightScribe disc drive.

So I hooked all of this up, went to turn it on, and suddenly I realize I have nowhere to hook up my monitor besides the ports in my graphics card. Ok, so how do I install the driver for the graphics card, much less my operating system [it's gonna be XP] if I can't see anything on the screen??? Any help would be much appreciated here. Thanks. :)
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  1. Things are gonna work out fine ... inhale ... ... ... just inhale ... hold it.

    First ... You don't need no stinkin' drivers, to see the video ... they w\are for higher functions ... basic video function is "innate" (sp?) ...

    I am going to give you our "go to" trouble doc ... The pics do not apply (power connects vary slightly) but I have a system based on that same circa/socket and it is a piece-o-cake to ts.

    Read all this ... don't skim it ... peruse it !

    Consider each point as if THAT *IS* the likely fault ... Everything (!) in this doc ... say to each section and paragraph ... "THIS is my problem".

    Go through the whole doc ... don't trivialize any of it. It works!

    = we are here =

  2. Hook your monitor up to the GPU and turn on your PC. Your BIOS and OS don't require the GPU drivers to be installed. They use generic drivers within the OS. You install the GPU drivers after you install your OS
  3. Hint ... The proper seating of the AGP card and the RAM

    nuther hint .. Seating and alignment of main mobo pwr connct and cpu pwr cnnct.

    AGPs are difficult and finnacy to seat ... lot's of force, straight down. RAM TOO.
  4. Thanks Alvin, I will try the list. It looks as though I should be able to locate the problem very easily on it. After reading through it, I don't even have a mobo beeper, so I just ordered one, and I will be doing my troubleshooting as soon as it comes in.
  5. Hold on to your nutz !!
  6. Ok. So I tried that link, and everything was fine until I got to the very bottom where it was talking about the system speaker. I installed one, tried booting with no ram installed, and I got the "one long, two short" beeps, which was supposed to mean that the ram installed was good [even though I didn't have any in it]. So, I installed one of the RAM sticks, and tried it again.... this time I got silence. The thread claims that this means the RAM is shorting out the PSU, and says that it is very rare....
    So all I have hooked up right now is the PSU, mobo, CPU, HSF, and graphics card. Still nothing. Could someone please tell me what to try next. I am still confused and very frustrated. Thanks.
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    ok, so from my experience a computer cannot run without any ram.

    certain Mobo's have specific ram types that it will only run with.

    is your RAM DDR and your Mobo DDR2? they both have the same pin types but one won't work with the other.
  8. Hi. Thanks for the reply. I meant to get back to this a long time ago, but never did. I parted the whole thing out on ebay (about 6 months ago), and here's the conclusion that I have drawn: Kamikazi is right. All my customers gave positive feedback rightaway, but the person that bought the RAM counld not get it to work in 3 different computers. I feel like it's safe to assume that the RAM was the problem. Thank you all for the help and the replies.
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  10. hmmm, and this is why inexperienced people should not buy ram to upgrade their computers. i believe the cheapest out there with respectable performance is the DDR3's and from what i can gather your customer must have had a DDR2 system.
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