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I have a 120 GB SSD drive for Windows and other programs that I use often but my question is how to I set up the secondary drive so that I can just install stuff straight to it. I have only ever had 1 HD and not sure if the secondary needs to have program files and all that. I tried to install something to it earlier but it wouldn't let me. There is nothing on the drive its just blank.
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    Make sure you can see the drive in My Computer. If you can't see that 1TB, then you probably still need to initialize and format the drive.

    If you can see it, then you just have to look very close at the wizard when installing the app to find the install location. Sometimes you have to select "Custom" or "administrative" or something like that, but essentially never selecting "automatic". This will let you point the install of the program to another location.
  2. yeah I got the drive to show up and everything just wasn't sure if it needed program files and program files (x86) to run stuff.
  3. There are instructions on the internets on how to designate a default installation directory other than C:\Program Files so you don't have to browse around, but MS recommends against it.

    Didn't stop me, either, but you have been warned :lol:
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