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Hi All,

I have a system that I built a while back with 2 x Lite-On DVD-RW DL Lightscribe drives.

They have been working perfectly for a couple of years now - but recently when I put a disk into the drive either to play a cd/dvd or write to one the drives disappear and the drive tries to search the disk for ever.

When I take the disk out either the drive will reappear or will require a reboot to reappear.

I am assuming both of these drives are dead - but I want to make sure before I trash them.

Any Ideas?
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  1. Kind of odd sounding. Mainly because you have 2 drives doing almost the same thing. 2 peices of hardware failing at the exact same time is very rare.
    I would suspect that you might have recently installed a piece of software that's getting in the way. Something like a new burning software, DVD decrypting software, ISO mounting software. If you've recently installed something like that, try removing it and test again.
    If that doesn't apply or help, check to see if you have the latest firmware for the drives.
    Lastly, double check that your drives are physically connected properly, data/power (something might have rattled loose over the years).

    But seeing that both started kicking a stink at the same time, I'm really hesitant to say they have died.
  2. Hi,

    I have changed the SATA leads to both the drives; I have plugged one in while the other is not plugged in; I have removed all cd/dvd burning software; I have installed the latest firmware for the dvd-rw's and upgraded the mobo bios. All cables were firmly attached.

    I have ran Mr Fix-it from microsoft - no joy there.

    I would assume that they are truly dead - I hope and not a problem with either the PSU or Mobo.

    Any ideas?
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