Nvidia 285 gtx vs ati 5750

I am new to the gaming system and don't know much about graphic cards, I want to buy a pro good graphics card, but not the best. I thought maybe the GTX 280 or HD 5750
can you PLZ help me??
thnx in advance :)
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  1. there is a big difference between those cards. the 280 gtx is a lot faster and also a lot more expensive. the 5750 is a lot slower, but its newer and has newer features.

    if you have a 1080 screen the 5750 should be good enough, anything more and the 280 will probably be best...depends on the price though.

    you have to give a bit more information because you cant compare these cards like for like.
  2. you should get the 5850 or 5870

    5850 is in your budget range but 5870 is a bit more costlier so if you get 5870 you get great performance
  3. if its GTX 285 vs 5750

    please dont compare them

    Gtx 285 can give performance up to the 5850
  4. thnx guys
    my budget is between $100 to $200
    the 5850/5870 are about $300+
    the gtx 285 is like $450
    again, im not looking for the best
    just for a good enough graphics card that will hold about a year or so
  5. This is assuming that you have a Xfire compatible PSU/MOBO. If you don't things change. If you don't have a xfire board, you can try to go to the center of the earth anmd try to find a 4890 along with some other extinct animals.

    Allright, at 190$, you need to 2 of these.


    If you can find an extra 60$, two of these= win.

  6. what is PSU/MOBO ????
    and i don't think i have a double slot :(
  7. Ok, Then you need to go on an adventure to the center of the earth to find a 4890.
  8. is this 4890 good?
    cuz i wouldn't go to the centre of the earth for nothing
    it's kinda hard u know!!!
  9. yes, the 4890 is the single best 200$ singel GPU option right now. However, they have been overhunted, and thier numbers have died out.
  10. ^ Sez who? ;)


    @ nOObgamer: PSU= Power Supply Unit, the component you plug the power lead into which provides power for the computers components. MOBO or MB or M/B= Motherboard or sometimes called Mainboard.
    Also, when you see or hear something you do not know or understand and you cannot get any sensible help from other people, Google it! ;)
  11. can any ATI cards run the Nvidia 3D ?
  12. No. That's the one good thing Nvidia has right now that ATI doesn't, and the one reason I'm tempted to make my next build an Nvidia one.
  13. Go for the 5830 its greater than 5770 weaker 5850

    probably about 10-15Fps more in games
  14. 5830=Not very good choice.

    Slowet than 5850, uses more power than 5850.

    It's like 5% faster than 5770, 5% slower than 4890.
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