Air Duct on the HAF 932 worth it for GTX 680?

Hey everyone,

So I have a couple of questions..

I have the HAF 932 Advanced Case which has the 230mm fan on the side of the case, which is an intake fan and blows cool air from outside my case to most of my chassis. I am thinking about getting the HAF 932 AMD edition side panel instead of the basic advanced edition side panel with the 230mm fan so I can see my entire chassis. Will this be a problem for cooling my system? I have a 230mm fan in the front of the case as intake, a 140mm fan as an exhaust in the rear as well as the H100 with a push/pull config on the top as an exhaust.

Will the 230mm front fan be enough intake if I replace the intake side fan side panel in replacement with the HAF 932 AMD edition side panel?
Here is the link to the side panel that I would be getting and replacing
Would be getting:
Current side panel:

The second question I have is about the air duct that comes with the HAF 932. I have the GTX 680 Graphics Card and I obviously want to keep it as cool as I can so I was thinking about buying a 120mm fan for the air duct which would pull even more air from the front 230mm fan directly to the GPU. Would this be a problem? Also, would this be better because if I were to buy the AMD side panel I would only have 1 intake fan (in the front).

Which 120mm fans work great with the air duct and keeping the GPU cool?

Thanks so much for the help!

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    Having a HafX I took the air duct off cuse it looked awful. My temperatures really did not change on the graphics card but my processor was 2deg cooler (seen as I use a conventional proccessor fan).

    If your going for a 140mm case fan I can vouch for the noctua NFp14 - I have it as an exhaust and it came with the nhD14, you can feel the air it pushes out under my desk and the only noise you can hear is the rush of air.
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