I5 2500k p67 overclocking help beginner.

Here is how i begin. I load optimized defaults first on bios then restart again, i put xtreme memory profile to profile 1 for my rams , restart again then i change cpu ratio to 40 and disable turbo.This is what i have done so far.But my vcore is 1.3 right now at 4ghz!!
I try vcore manual at 1.25 and start windows and cpuz shows vcore at idle speeds high and on full load was low i think this is called vdroop.
So my question is how i reduce the vcore?
My motherboard is gigabyte updated to f9 model p67a ud3 b3.

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  1. In the second screenshot, you will see "Load-Line Calibration."

    Drop your voltage to the desired level and put load line calibration on. If yours is like mine, it will have 5 settings. Lower settings (levels 1 and 2) mean higher compensation. I'd go for the second highest compensation, which is level 2 for me. I believe level 2 for me is 80% compensation.

    Try setting voltage to 1.2V and testing the LLC. You don't want it spiking too high. If that is too low at load, increase the base vcore a bit and try again until you hit the sweet spot.
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