Two Questions Regarding My New setup 5770

First off, I'm new to Tom's Hardware so, hello :)

I am Having two issues with my new Monitor/GPU Setup

First Off My Rig:

-Gateway Box with Acer MOBO
-Core Two Quad Q8300 stock at 2.5ghz
-6GB DDR2 800 RAM
-Gigabyte HD5770 @ Engine 921mhz and memory 1322mhz
- 2x 23" LCD 1080p Monitors (1 LG W2353 and 1 Samsung P2370)
-1x 17" LCD Dell Monitor
-Windows 7 x64 Home Basic

First issue is to do with my LG Monitor, when I hook it up using the HDMI port I get a little screen within my screen leaving black around the edges, Catalyst tells me I am getting 1920x1080 but obviously I'm not because the screen is black for about 2 inches along every edge. This has nothing to do with having all three monitors hooked up because it does it if it's plugged in alone as well.

My Second issue, is currently I have just the two 23's hooked up and I am getting weird artefacts around my cursor on one monitor but not the other, these artefacts are worsened in my web browsers and still happens if I bring my gpu down to stock speed. They are extra confusing to me because they are only happening around my cursor.

If anyone could give me a little help with these issues I would very much appreciate it. BTW I started by searching the site for similar threads, I couldn't find anything but I'm sorry if there is already a thread for this.
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  1. I'll leave it up to the pros, but are the resolution the same across. Why does the LG use HDMI if it's a monitor, try changing the cursor icon from the arrow to like a gold one, to see if one program isn't buggy.
  2. When running just the two 23" Monitors they are both 1920x1080 and that's when I get the artefacts. When I run three, it's 1920x1080, 1920x1080, and 1024x768. However even if I hook the HDMI up alone I get the weird small screen issues. It's hdmi because the video card has 2 dvi outs and 1 hdmi and 1 of something else I'm not familiar with.

    BTW Before I got the second 23" and the 5770 I used to Run the LG off of HDMI and an HD4350 and that was no problem for resolution.
  3. The one that you aren't familiar worth if it says TV out and round you need to use tV out cable, if not it is probably Displayport. Wait, the 5770 only has three ports for signals, try usin the LG with DVI.
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