How do I know if all the cores of my quad-core are functioning?

Just upgraded to a Phenom II x4 955 on a new mobo and a clean install of Windows 7. Im trying to improve multitasking performace, namely gaming and running video capture software simultaneously. I read that setting the core affinity for certain programs can increase performance, but when I go to task manager and righ click a process to set its affinity, I only see:

<All processors>

Shouldnt I be seeing a CPU 2 and CPU 3 as well? I feel like something is lacking in my system performance but I dont know how to see if all CPU cores are active.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. right click on the taskbar, click start task manager and go to the preformance tab, how many graphs do you see?

    if you only see 2, tell me what board you are using
  2. I only see two graphs under "CPU usage history". Im using an MSI 700-C45 mobo. When I got the system to boot up with the new CPU the other day, I didnt bother flashing + updating the BIOS because everything was seemingly working properly.
  3. This may not help solve the problem, but try downloading CPU-Z ( and see if it tells you the right information about your processor. If not, try making sure that all four cores are enabled in BIOS. The board does support that chip, so that shouldn't be the problem.

    I can't walk you though the BIOS, but maybe someone else here can.

    Good Luck
  4. I picked through my BIOS and I dont see anything that would give me control over core utilization. Only clock speeds and multipiliers, etc.

    I have the free version of Everest for basic system info and it only recognizes 2 cores. The only thing I can think of is a BIOS update but I want that to be my last resort. I am running BIOS version 8.30, but MSI live update shows version 8.60 is available. But in the release notes it says the newest BIOS version is for 6-core support and support for M-flash module.
  5. Try flashing your bios. Also try running a test of cinebench multi core rendering and see if, in fact, only 2 cores are able to be utilized and its not just some weird monitoring problem. If after flashing your bios the problem still exists then it wouldn't be too far off to assume your chip is defective.
  6. I flashed and updated BIOS. Almost had a heart attack because it didnt boot to the OS the first time, just locked up. But I loaded fail-safes and it went through.

    Now about utilizing all 4 cores... I still only see 2 cores available. I am pretty green when it comes to BIOS options, but perhaps there is something in BIOS I still dont see that would enable all cores.

    BTW I am really confused about discrepencies with MSI's BIOS versions. The MSI link that Xaira posted shows versions sequenced from 1.5, 1.6 .... 1.9, etc. But in my BIOS the previous version was listed as 8.3, and the updated version that I flashed to with MSI's Windows BIOS updater is 8.6.

    Based on the release notes, 1.9 = 8.6, so its all good I guess.

    Oh and the flash actually lowered the idle temp of my CPU by 10 celcius, from 40 to 30 :heink: :D

    What now?
  7. Ok. Back in business.

    I uninstalled my 4 cores in device manager and downloaded a program called EasyBCD which lets you tweak Windows boot loader. I used it to reset the count of cores Windows does on boot up.
    Freeware DL --->

    After a system restart my 4 cores are ready to rock.

    I think its because I installed Win7 with a dual core CPU installed, and upgraded to quad core after the fact. Why Windows couldnt just roll with the upgrade is beyond me. :pfff:
  8. Sweatdog said:
    downloaded a program called EasyBCD which lets you tweak Windows boot loader. I used it to reset the count of cores Windows does on boot up.
    Freeware DL --->

    Lol. You could have just done that in msconfig>>boot>>advanced options.
  9. Dude keep on pressing "4" key at the time when the motherboard screen will appear in the booting process.Dont press and hold it keep on pressing it.It helped me.
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