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I need a piece of advice.

I have recently purchased a desktop from an online store. I bought it "ala-carte" style, and paid an extra fee for assembly.
I bought it tower-only, without an operating system.

The operating system took 3 days longer to arrive than the computer did. When I finally had both the OS and the tower in hand tonight, I turned on the machine to find my monitor states 'no signal'. I unhooked the monitor from the tower and plugged it into another computer, it works fine. Also, the 'no signal' message turned to 'cable unplugged' so the monitor is on top of things, it knows what's up, it's brand new.

I plugged the monitor back into the new computer and still no signal. the computer Powers on, the optical drive takes a disc and the 'read' signal appears, the light indicating the HDD comes on, everything seems to be in order except the visual output signal. I tried inserting the windows CD, hell i even tried inserting the Sound and video driver disc that came with the mobo. (yes I know I need the OS first, but I was hoping the disc-elves would awaken the sleeping mobo or something neat.)

the Gigabyte M61PME-S2P motherboard has Nvidia 430 embedded, and I got an MSI Radeon 5770 PCIe card. The card appears to my untrained eye to be installed, (but is it supposed to be upside-down? I'm guessing yes) and the clips and screws holding it in seem to be in place *as far as I can tell*. SO my question I just send the whole contraption back where it came from and tell their assembler-monkeys to repeat the job? How to I know if the hardware is faulty, or just improperly installed, or came unseated during shipping? I dont want to ship it again unless I HAVE to...what do I do here? If there is something easy a local repairman can snap back into place or something, then I'd be all for that, but then i dont want to pay for someone to look and say "yep, send it back. That'll be $50."

I'm rather angry and confused so any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Try plugging the monitor in to the native output that came with your MOBO instead of the 5770, and see if you get a signal.
  2. well...I feel pretty stupid now.

    I never plugged the monitor into the 5770's port. I WAS in the mobo's VGA output. I found a neat little DVI-I to VGA adapter in the 5770 box that is nothing short of revolutionary :)


  3. hahaha lol np mate ;)
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