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Can you use smartdoctor with ati radeon 9600xt video card thanks in advance for any info
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  1. I don't see why you couldn't. The Asus utility is for Asus cards, it says it won't support SE or LE models but yours is XT. It should work if it's an Asus, but may I make a suggestion. Why OC an ald 2004 card while their are modern ones which could suit sour needs? The 9600 is obsolete.
  2. I'm having problems with the fan on my card so I just wanted to get some readings and make sure it is not overheating will be buying a new computer soon so I don't want to put any money into this one if I don't need to thanks for your response
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    No problem, I'd like to say that even older Catalyst programs have the Overdrive Utility, you don't have to turn it on but open it anyway, it has a temperature and activity monitor.
  4. Thanks for your suggestion for the catalyst control works great fan is working and temperature is not a problem thanks again
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