Does this seem right?

Here is my pc

Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz 8GB RAM (2x4)
Gigabyte GA 970a-ds3
Radeon HD 6450 1GB
1TB Seagate HDD
1 x 140mm side fan
1 x 120mm front fan
1 x 80mm rear fan

I overclocked my cpu to 4.8GHz with the voltage set to 1.41v using stock cooling but my temps show 10C-15C on idle and i know this is not right as in the bios on startup it shows about 26C, but what i want to know is what my temp most likely is on idle and as ive seen people saying you shouldn't overclock on stock cooling i was wondering if i should get a better cooler?.
also i would like to know if its safe to up the voltage a bit to try and get 5GHz as on 4900 it just BSODs while booting.
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  1. When overclocking always get an aftermarket cooler, what are you using to monitor your temps?
  2. core temp and open hardware monitor, both show the exact same temps.
  3. I wouldn't overclock at all till i got my temp monitoring programs worked out and showing accurate numbers... You could damage your components.
  4. well i set the bios warning temp to 60C and that did work when it got too hot
  5. atm i have my clock speed default and bios temp is 21C at 4.8 it is 27/28 what is the max number i should allow in bios to make sure i dont go 60+?
  6. fx series chips have sort of "fake" core readings

    my fx-6100 shows idle temps of 15-20c ( which is impossible cause ambient temp is 20-22c )

    but when i start stress testing the core temp goes 15c--> 28c-->29-30-31....
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