Samsung 830 vs Sandisk Extreme?


I've been trying to decide between the 256gb versions of these SSDs. I've read that the Sandisk is a bit faster, but the Samsung seems to be (at least according to some reviews) a little bit more reliable. I've also heard that the Sandforce controller has been a bit flaky in the past, but maybe those issues have been ironed out now in the Sandisk. Any thoughts?

Also, the price of the Samsung is in the $330-$350 range, but I've seen the Sandisk on sale for as little as the $220 range. Is it worth the extra $100+ to get the reliability of the Samsung or should I jump on the Sandisk?

Thanks for any thoughts!
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  1. I just went ahead and bit on the Sandisk. I couldn't resist at that price!
  2. I haven't used a Sandisk drive, but I been through 5 different corsair drives which used the Sandforce controller and had issues with all of them. They have changed and updated firmwares etc, but personally I will never consider working with one of those drives again.

    I have a samsung 830 now, and it's been flawless from the start.

    Well took me a min to type that, and you posted while I was typing. Best luck, you will probably be fine with it.
  3. Agree with tomatthe's comments.

    The vast majority of SF22xx controoler problems have been fixed, However they still seem to have a higher dissatifation rate (1/2 egg reviews @ newegg) compared to marvel based, samsung based, and intel based controllers. NOTE the newer Intel 520 uses the SF22xx controller and still gets high marks (the Intel 510 uses the marvel controller). So I'm thinking it to do with the Quality of parts and there quality control.

    Most likely you will not have any problems. As to performance diff - there is not a big diff between any of the "better" sata III SSDs. Only diff is when running ATTO Benchmark, and THAT is NOT representative of day-to-day usage - More for Bragging rites - LOL.

    Added - There is generally a reason for price differences of more than 10->15%
  4. Thanks for your comments. You're right that there is generally a reason for price differences, but most things I've read seem to indicate that this is a good SSD. I'm going to give it a shot and if it fails on me, then I'll fall back to the Samsung at some future date most likely. And if it doesn't fail, then I'll have a great SSD for a great price!
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