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Just installed the HIS HD4670 128-bit 1Gig DDR3, a few days ago. I am not having any problems with my PC crashing or anything. However, I am having problems with my web browsers displaying correctly, and also the descriptions for all my desktop icons are highlighted all the time...can't figure this one out. I just upgraded my PSU also 550w 30A@+12v rail, should be more than enough. I have an older Gateway system 1.5 Gig RDRAM, Pentium 4 - 2.66ghz
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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  1. Go into Safe Mode, uninstall the video drivers.

    Boot into Windows, then install the video drivers that's appropriate for your OS.
  2. Already did that. Removed old drivers, booted up in Safe Mode, ran driver sweeper to clear out anything that was still remaining. Then I downloaded and installed the most current drivers. I am kinda bummed, it looks like a great card and I have no problems otherwise. I am just wondering if maybe it's not compatible with my system.
  3. Figured out my problem. Like they say usually the simplest answer is the correct one. Somehow I switched on the High Contrast setting in my control panel, that's where my problem was,lmao. Anyway everything works great now.
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