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hello, i am just wondering if you guys think this is a good choice. I built my computer last summer, with an i7-920 and a xfx 512mb gts 250. Many people have said that my cpu was being bottlenecked by my gpu, so i was wondering if getting another gts 250 would be good and even things out a little. also, is the gts 250 good in sli? does the 1gb make a lot of difference compared to the 512 mb? Is it worth it? thanks!
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  1. If you can get it for around $100, do so. Two GTS250s are pretty good and equal a single 5850.

    Get whatever RAM version your current one has now. If you have 512mb, get the 512mb.
  2. huh, i bought mine for 130... at amazon
    its at 140 now, but i bought mine for 130, and is it okay if i get another gts 250 but with evga?
    also, as i've been looking around amazon for gts 250s, i see that evga has multiple 512mb ones that have a slightly different model number, does anyone know what the differences are? thanks
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    The differences are probably fan/heatsink, video outputs, possibly a factory OC and I believe the warranty sometimes varies on EVGA cards.
    You don't need a specific brand GTS 250, any will do. If you get a 1gb it will only use 512mb to match your other card however so don't pay extra for it.
    As to whether or not you actually need another the answer is it will probably help if your monitor has a high native resolution. At 1680x1050 one should be good but another will help you max out the more intensive games and use higher levels of AA. At resolutions above that it will help more and is a good idea, below that I wouldn't bother because one GTS 250 should already be great.
  4. i see, so it doesnt matter if i sli a xfx gts 250 512mb with an evga gts 250 512mb right?
  5. Like I said, any GTS 250 will do.
  6. ahh i see, thank you very much!
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