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I'm running 2 different DDR3 2048 sticks on my rig (Micron and Kingston similar values). HP Support assistant is telling me they are running dual channel at 1066 and CPUZ is telling me 535.8 DRAM frequency on its memory tab. Both sticks are rated at 1333 but it looks like I'm running at 1066. Is this a correct assumption and if so I would imagine that the motherboard is limited to running 1066 dual channel sticks. No issues for me with the memory but I thought I'd run it by the experts here. Thanks,
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  1. You can try manually setting the ram fsb in the bios if the board supports 1333. The setting choice may be either 667 or 1333, depending on the motherboard.
  2. There's default settings for most memory when they're put into PC. BIOS by default recognizes them as 1066 or 1333. You have to configure this manually through the BIOS setting it to advertised speed.
  3. Thanks for the info and I will see if I can update the BIOS.
    Thanks again,
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