Graphics Card for 550W Corsair PSU

recommend me a graphics card for my current system

CPU : Phenom II X6 1090T
MB : Asrock 785 GXH AM3
RAM : Corsair XMS 3 1333 (2 x 2GB)
HDD : WD 1TB Black Edition
PSU : Corsair 550W

I have shortlisted the following one's

1. Sapphire 2 x 5770 1 GB
2. Sapphire 2 x 5750 1 GB
3. Sapphire 1 x 5850 1 GB

I am not planning to upgrade my PSU so let me know which is best graphics card for my current system
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  1. Your PSU is an excellent unit that can handle all the options you wrote.
    In my opinion, the 5770CF will give you more performance than one 5850. Therefore, I would buy two 5770 graphic cards.
  2. +1 Henry ^^^
  3. Get HD5850, i don't think your PSU will take two 5770 or 5750 in Cross Fire, but will take one 5850
  4. Ya. I recomend 1 more powerful card because crossfire can get buggy
  5. We're all assuming you want to play games, otherwise your integrated HD4200 is fine for productivity apps; maybe a HD5450 for movies and other video.
    You don't list your monitor resolution, or the games you want to play, but unless the games are very demanding and/or your resolution is very high (more than 1920x1080), start with a single HD5770. That may be all you need. That's what I'm using at 1920x1080, but I know my games are not as demanding as many newer ones. If you need a second card, you can always add it.
    Btw, assuming your mobo is this: , how do you like it?

    263 bucks with bing cashback, no tax or shipping, can't go wrong. u wont have to worry about being underpowered and it will put less stress on your psu.
  7. y would he need to overvolt?
    550w psu - hopefully he doesnt plan on overclocking his gpu
  8. If his PSU were a Chokemax, concern would be justified, but it isn't. It's a Corsair; no doubt actually good for more than 550W, but in any case, enough for a pair of HD5770s in Crossfire.
  9. I still doubt if its safe to have 2x 5770 on the 550W PSU(though its a great PSU), i would still recommend 1x 5870 in its place. If @OP upgrades the PSU in future he can add another 5870.
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