Which header to plug pump into?

Does it matter which header I plug the pump into? Should I plug it into a CHA or PWR header? The manual doesn't specify which to do.

The Cooler is a Zalman LQ320. Mobo is a GA-970A UD3

Here is a link to what the manual says to do.

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  1. The manual is telling you to plug the radiator fan into teh cpu fan header and teh pump into one of the other system fan headers
  2. That much I know. I just don't know if I should plug the pump into the CHA headers or the PWR one.
  3. what mainboard do you have?
  4. Would plug the pump into the PWR fan header, that will run the pump at 100% all the time. In CLC's there's not much reason to adjust the speed the pumps running at.
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