What Budget Card for a Budget PSU system


Dell 530

Core2 Duo

Vista 3gb


I had a 8600GT but the fan got worse and just as we neared 2 years with it, it blew.

I know it can deal with the power intake but would be nice to ease it some.

I am looking at the HD 4670 as it is more efficient but still get all the performance and then some.

The Sapphire one seems to get good reviews on cool running a noise of the different fan versions.

And on AMZ the 1 GB DDR3 is a few cheaper than the 512 DDR3.

Any reason no to go bigger? A specific area I have is making a GIF in Imageready from HD source material. System would tend to slow down if I started with a sizable selection and doing anything to it would cause it to not respond. Don't know if the Video card RAM is a factor here or not.

Am I on the right path? Or maybe you have a different suggestion. $70 is what this would cost and what I want to spend.

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  1. If you can afford a little more the HD5670 would be a better choice, especially for that resolution. If you can only spend $70 then yeah, the HD4670 is the best you can do.
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    +1 for HD5670. Your PSU will be good enough.
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