Intel Ruined Proccoes Finder!

The original processor finder was awesome, up until a few days ago when they changed the way the CPU's are laid out.

Now, they've decided to dump all the information of the CPU into one column, from the previous neat and tidy layout before, which helped locate what you where looking for pretty instantly. They've also gotten rid of the CPUID, which was helpful on the side. The old little app was also VERY easy on the eyes. Now they've dumped all the CPU's on top of each other even though you select a specific one, and have also made it harder on the eyes now that you need to read a whole column just to know what your look at, you can't locate what your after by the CPU clock, cache, FSB in separate columns stacked on top of each other. (yes, the new one is like this too, but with to much info in one column, making it harder on the eyes to simply locate the clock speed only.)

The only thing that they improved was the selected CPU page. Other then that, the list layout sucks! You can't really "compare" them anymore by just looking down the list. You would need to select them etc etc...

What the hell where they thinking? Anyone else annoyed by this?
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  1. [Please change title to: "Intel Ruined Processor Finder!" that was a typo error.]
  2. I dont get it, just use
  3. canadian69 said:
    I dont get it, just use

    Nope, when I try to select a CPU from the list, I get redirected to this page:


    Application is Moving

    Later this month, Processor Spec Finder data will be migrated to this site:
  4. Ahhh.

    I dont get redirected, but I do now see the little "application is moving note". Yes, that will suck.

    Send feedback to them at, I just did.
  5. I actually got a response from Intel on this.

    Now I need to think about what to tell them. Check it out.

    Thank you for your email. I may be able to help you accomplish the same things in ARK that you could previously do in Processor SPEC Finder. Please let me know what you are looking for and I will do my best to let you know how you can do the same thing today, or I will work your feedback into our roadmap.

    Thank you,
    Eric Appel
    ARK Lead Developer
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