BSOD on an evga 3x sli

every time i enable sli my rig BSOD's on start up... so i have to disable it b4 i turn my computer off... sli works fine when its enabled when the computer is on and if i disable it befor i turn the computer off... it boots up fine... some one mentiond to me it was a driver conflict between the lan port drivers and the nvidia drivers but i havent been able to find anything on this.. help please
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  1. oh btw.. im running an evga 3x sli mobo, i7 975 proc, 6 gigs of patriot ram 1333 mhz,
    two bfg 9800 gt's 512 mb, wd 1.5 tb 7200 rpm hdd, and a blue ray drive ( dont know the brand, it was an out of box special)
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