Corsair H100i

What is the difference between the Corsair H100 and the H100i?

Will it fit in my Corsair Vengeance C70 mid-tower case and won't be obstructed by my motherboard?

Is the H100i better than the H100?
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  1. Although the aluminium radiator design has remained the same there are some significant differences between the H100 and H100i when we turn to the pump. H100i uses a new cold-plate and manifold design, a new mounting bracket method has also been implemented – no longer is there a bracket fastened to the pump itself.

    The overall shape and size is much more compact, the quality of engineering feels superior too. H100i has a USB port to enable Corsair Link monitoring and adjustment of fan speeds whilst H100 has on-the-fly modification.I am not sure if it will fit or not sorry
  2. The h100i is the new version with slight modifications to preform better and better corsair link/software support
    The hoses are more easily aligned since they are rubber now,1.html

    It should fit fine (its got the needed 2x120mm)
  3. Don't forget it comes with SP120 Quiet fans that perform more quiet and better than the H100 Stock fans.
  4. Better pump, bigger tubing and better fans.
    Though CLC coolers have always been radiator limited, so dont expect a massive boost in performance over the H100.
  5. Yes it will 100% def fit. If you go watch promo vids for the corsair c70 on newegg or youtube, they always promo the h100 in it as well. Plus they are both by Corsair so I sure hope they make their products compatible.

    While the h100 might be a slightly better product, real wold temps wont be significantly different, if at all. If you want better than the h100 can provide you gotta start looking at real watercooling.

    also, considering a starter kit like the XSPC Raystorm RS240 starts at $140 or so, you need to ask yourself "Is it worth the extra $20-30 to have the benefits of a custom water loop, or does the low maintenance a decent performance of the h100 fit my needs better?"

    ...Just food for thought.
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