Dell desktop Optiplex GX270 does not work after it has been stored

I have got a desktop Dell Optiplex GX270,,,,,it was working fine without any problem till I stored it in our shed room for a while.

Now when I boot the PC it hangs as shown in the snapshot below :

About 5 minutes after the second screen above it says:
Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility

What I did
1- I upgraded the BOIS from A04 to A07
2- I could not find an option for BOIS default setup
3- I removed the motherboard battery for about half an hour
4- I removed one of the RAM stick
5- I can access CMOS by pressing F2
6- I tried to eliminate the possibility of a hardware that caused the problem I removed CD rom drive and floppy drive but no luck.
What other troubleshoot steps should I consider ?
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  1. Usually when it hangs there its a problem with the hard drive. Check all settings make sure all connections are tight see if it will let you boot from a CD.
  2. Quote:
    see if it will let you boot from a CD.

    Yes it does hang as well.

    By the help from another forum this was the problem

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