Can Intel motherboard run an AMD cpu ?

Help :pt1cable: !
If not :pfff: what should i do ?
Get Motherboard Combo ?
How to check if my motherboard is combo or not ?
I want to upgrade my cpu for better gaming performance !!!
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  1. Hello DRAX96;

    No - they won't work together.
    You could try to return either the motherboard or CPU and exchange it for a matching Intel CPU-Intel MB or AMD CPU-AMD MB part.
    Or you might be able to sell the CPU or the Motherboard.

    Intel CPU motherboards = socket 775, socket 1156 or socket 1366
    AMD CPU motherboards = socket 939 or socket AM1, AM2/AM2+ or AM3.
  2. Short answer is no. The # of pins on Intel and AMD CPUs are different as well as assigned differently, so even if you banged the AMD CPU in with a sledgehammer :P, it would just short out.
  3. Thx alot guys that was very useful info =)
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