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I've noticed many users are having this or a similar problem w/ shutting down or computer won't turn off completely, then restarts by itself! It has to be a hardware problem, but I haven't been able to find a definate solution to this prob which is plaguing my new computer and another one. Hasn't anyone narrowed down what the problem is?
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  1. Check in your BIOS and make sure that Wake on Keyboard or Wake on Mouse and Wake on LAN are disabled. That's usually the issue.
  2. Believe me Chicken, I've tried very common and uncommon solution to this hardware snaffu and nothing has worked. I'm not getting a straight answer from the big manufacturer's either. Gigabyte told me just to send it back RMA, woooptie-dooo!
  3. Could be mobo, power button or PSU.

    If Gigabyte is willing to give you a new board, do it. It is better than not being able to get a mobo swap once you are out of warranty (then you will be really frustrated).
  4. ^+1

    It's a PITA to swap the mobo, but less work in the long run if it fixes the problem. You could be here scratching your head for quite a while otherwise.
  5. .....Ahh Con--found it!!! I had all the wires tucked away so nice like. I just hate the idea of having to gut my new system already, it took me days to get it all prettied up!! Damn it Gigabyte!
  6. We all know how it feels : )
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