Time for a rebuild

not sure wich way to go.i am an amd person,looking to put together this system
thuban 1090
gigabyte 890fxa ud5
evga gtx 480
memory a little unsure have had good luck with PNY XLR8 gaming 8 GIG
i am not to sure about intel i am not going to but the i7 980 E
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- Very good CPU and mobo.
    2- Great GPU but really hot and power use is high.
    3- PNY? come one man, u have a $300 CPU spend moeny in a better RAM like Corsair, Crucial or Mushkin.
    4- The i7-980 is more expensive and the mobo and RAM that u need for that CPU is more expensive too.
  2. Intel processors currently out perform their AMD counterparts at similar price points.. No use being a fanboy.. Having said that, if yours is a purely gaming build then not much difference going with either intel or amd.. Considering that, i am not sure how much good the 1090T is over the 965/955 BE.. May be you can drop down on the processor and go up on the video card and get the 5970.. And i too will recommend going with some popular branding (g-skill, crucial etc.) on your ram purchase.. Don't forget on getting a good PSU also.. The reminder comes as often people tend to compromise on that..
  3. Oh well my mistake.. By similar price point i meant about the processors available at the price range of the 1099T..
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