Final Checks, All set, please check if this is good



Memory / RAM:

Hard Drive:


Total is: 1K and i didnt wanna go over that but w.e xD

The reason why I choose that PSU is cause i might be running 1 or 2 GTX 480 plus Water Cooling.. also throwing up a DVD Optical Drive..

What do you guys think about this build? is it okay? :)
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  1. CPU - i7 930, good to see you picked it over the 920. I wonder how Newegg will get rid of their 920 stock, apart from combo deals and sales.
    Motherboard - X58A-UD3R looks fine. Some Newegg reviews says it doesn't work/USB keyboard doesn't work, doubt that'll be a problem though. Comes with SLI bridge, plus two PCI-e 1x slots if you want a soundcard.
    Memory - I have G.Skill Ripjaws, although PC3-16000 sticks in my i7 rig too - they booted up at 1.5V/1066MHz, I'm supposing these are the same - you'll have to manually change the BIOS settings.
    Hard Drive - WD Caviar Black 640GB 64MB Cache SATA III - sounds fast, go for it. If you ever want a SATA II Drive though, for cheaper storage - go for a Spinpoint F3 1TB.
    PSU - GTX 480 SLI?!?!? You'd need a nuclear reactor. Jokes aside, that would be pushing it, considering that if you're going to watercool them (good idea imo, at 97C load, it's not going to be very cool...) you're going to overclock it too right? At [H]ardOCP, their GTX 480 SLI config with a o/c i7 920 to 3.5GHz took over 900W from the wall. Wow. I'm supposing you're going to push it further with water,
    so I suggest a decent 1000W+ PSU.

    From [H]ardOCP:
    For anyone running a 2-Way SLI GTX 480 setup, we would suggest no less than a 800 watt power supply of good quality and surely we suggest a 1000 watt if you are overclocking anything in your system. (1000 watt PSU doesn't sound stupid anymore does it?!? ) For a person wanting to run a single GTX 480, we would suggest no less than a 600 watt power supply but we would be more comfortable with a 700 watt power supply; again if you are overclocking anything in your system. That should give you a safe bit of headroom and keep your PSU from running "in the red" continuously. It is hard to suggest any less for the GTX 470 either. NVIDIA's official stance is a 600w PSU for GTX 480 and 550w PSU for GTX 470.

    We did see this, and it very much worth mentioning. With a nicely overclocked Core i7 920 processor (3.6GHz) and GTX 480 SLI, we saw at the wall wattages exceed 900 watts at the wall in some very stressful GPU system situation.

    Your DVD optical drives will take very little, so I wouldn't worry too much.

    As for power supplies - if you like cable management, I suggest the Corsair HX1000, ~$60-80 more expensive depending on where you get it. ($215 after rebate from Newegg) Otherwise you could get the Cooler Master Silent Pro M1000 - $10 more than the Corsair TX950, but the Silent Pro M1000 is modular and has more than enough PCI-e connectors. 6x 6+2 pin to be exact. I have no idea about what powers up the watercooling unit - either the PSU or from the wall, but it is from the PSU, I'd suggest a bit higher than 1000W.
  2. ^ +1. Well said, esp. about SLI 480s. Imo, drop the 480GTX and get a ATI 5870, the extra 5-10% performance is NOT worth it, esp. given how hot and power hungry the GTX480 is.

    As for watercooling, a MCP655 draws ~30W. Also realize, that watercooling the CPU alone will set you back $250 or so easily.
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