Asus P5Q SE + nVidia card = freeze on video start

Hi Guys

My config is:
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
Asus P5Q SE
2x2GB RAM 400Mhz
nVidia GTX260
Win 7 64 bit

I got a problem, computer randomly freezes on on video start(wmplayer, youtube & etc)
I think that problem in nVidia, coz when i replace it with ATI 4850 all works fine
But problem is not in exact video card, i've tried another GeForce(260 or something like that) - same ***
I've uninstalled nVidia drivers and let windows get them from WinUpdate - same ***

Any ideas what it can be?
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  1. I forgot to mention, this computer worked fine with nVidia card under Win XP
  2. Uninstall the video card drivers (from add/remove programs). Reboot in safe mode. Run this:
    and remove everything ATI or Nvidia.
    Reboot, reinstall the latest drivers for your GTX260 from the Nvidia site.
  3. Thx, for reply, but it didn't helps :(
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