Building New PC. Listed All Parts Just Need Some Advice If Compatible?

So I was looking at upgrading my computer. My Budget is ($3000 tops w/shipping/tax) I have a very large tower w/lots of fans and a nice sound card from a previous computer. The list below is what I plan on putting into the desktop as it fits into my budget. Need some advice if something is wrong or needs to be changed. Thanks! Main questions before parts list:
(1.) Is the motherboard chosen substantial and work with everything? (Or should I choose something else in price range?)
(2.) Does the Memory work with motherboard/processor? Its supposed to be 1600 correct?
(3.) What size power supply should I get with this board and will I need an aftermarket cooling unit for the CPU?
(4.) Other than those questions I just need to know whether everything will work fine together and need a recommendation for a Power Supply, Video Card, and Aftermarket fan for CPU (if needed)... Oh, and Need help choosing a monitor/tv to display it on from the following choices below. Thanks very much in advance!

1. CPU- Intel Core i7 930- ($295 w/shipping)

2. Motherboard- Gigabyte UD5- ($300 w/shipping)

3. Memory(Ram)- G.Skill 6GB 1600mhz- ($170 w/shipping)

4. HDD- Samsung Spinpoint F3- ($95 w/shipping)

5. SSD- Crucial RealSSD C300- ($420 w/shipping)

6. Monitor/TV At Times (40in+ 120HZ+ 1080P)- (DIFFERENT OPTIONS)-(Need help choosing)
Trying to stay under $1200 w/tax)

A. Samsung LN46B650 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD- ($1,050 w/shipping)

B. Samsung LN46C650 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD- ($1,097 w/shipping)

C. Samsung UN40B6000 40” Class LED 1080p 120Hz- ($1,099 w/shipping)

D. Samsung LN46C630 Series 6 46" Class ToC LCD 1080p 120Hz ($990 w/shipping)

(so Far my total is $1280 without tv/monitor), W/full $1200 on TV/Monitor Total is: $2480)..can subtract the difference if full $1200 not used on monitor and use on bottom missing parts (eg. $1000 on monitor.)

After All parts above plus $1200 on monitor that leaves me with $520. (unless monitor is $100/$150 cheaper then I have $620-$670 for the rest below.

7. Power Supply- ?

8. GPU(Video Card)- ?

9. Aftermarket Cooling (If Needed)?

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  1. get the ati 5850

    power supply corsair tx750

    cooling only you wanna overclock the cooler master huper 212+ is a good choice
  2. If I ever put a second video card in it would I need a bigger power supply? Thanks!
  3. the tx 750 will run 2 cards fine
  4. last question that I can think of is if I were to get a monitor of that size would resolution need to be displayed at 1920x1080 resolution seeing it is 1080p for it to display picture correctly with out any problems? Or If I display over that resolution with my video card settings what happens?
  5. Does anyone happen to know about that?
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