Building new pc and wondering about the compatibility and if its good

Hello im new here and was just wonder about some things. I was originally going with a 790fx mobo and now looking into other options. List of parts for my build

Thermaltake Spedo advance package ( already bought)
Asus crosshair IV extreme (new 890 chipset mobo)
phenom 2 x4 965 BE or... phenom 2 x6 1090T ( when released)
WD caviar black 1TB 7200 rpm
8 gigs of G-Skill Trident DDR3 1600 RAM (pc3 12500)
Asus 5970 (gpu)
Corsair 850TX (850W)
Zalman cpu heatsink with Zalman R.A.M fans
AeroCool Touch screen 2000 front panal fan controller
Apollish Red 120MM Case Fan (x3)
and some cold cathods, etc, etc

well i think that covers it and thank you in advance
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  1. well if you're just gaming then 4gb of memory would be enough and the 750w corsair would be enough
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