How to overclock MSi 7850 PE

Hello, everyone. I had my MSI 7850 PE for a while now and I am looking to overclock it. I have the latest stable amd drivers (no beta), and I have MSI burner installed.

What should I do now?
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  1. Open afterburner and incrementally increase the core clock (maybe 25-50 Mhz at a time). Test for stability/temperature after each incremement and see how high you can go. If it gets too warm force the fan to run faster in afterburner. I use kombustor and let it run for at least a burn in test between steps. When I think I find a good stopping point I will run kombustor for an hour or so. I also keep a log of benchmark results so I can see the difference the OC makes.
  2. So i just added /xcl at the end of the target under properties in MSI afterburner and unlocked CCC. I overclocked to 1150 core clock and 1350 on the memory.

    My 3dMark score is P7500 (
  3. 1150 core is a nice overclock, as is that P score, well done, however with voltage tweaking you should be able to reach 1200 or 1250mhz
    what are your maximum temps?
  4. By default, the card takes in 1.210 volts, so I don't know if it is safe to go any further. My max temperature is at 75 degrees Celsius.
  5. my card runs at 1.190 volts and i would feel safe up to the voltage limit for it, which is 1.225 volts, however i would keep an eye on temps, after about 90oC the card will begin to throttle itself down.
    you should also be able to reach 1400mhz on your memory without artifacting or memory checking reducing your performance.
  6. It seems like I can't get passed 1160 on the core with 1400 on memory, even after bumping up to 1.225 volts. MY computer restarts during my benchmarks.

    My 3dMark score is at P7553 with the following results:

    Core Voltage: 1.210 volts
    Core Clock: 1155
    Memory Clock: 1400
  7. thats still a fairly solid overclock, if you arent happy with it, compare it to your stock cards P score, and then you will love the overclock :)
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