Is there any way to overclock the memory in this combo? Anyone?


Is there any way to overclock the memory in this combo?

It is running at 1600 right now.

Thanks for your help :)
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  1. that depends on the memory. You may be able to overclock it and you may find it doesn't like running more than 5mhz over stock...

    if you loosen the timings (although they're pretty loose stock) and add a little voltage to the ram you may be able to get it to run a couple hundred megahertz higher... but that's not guaranteed whatsoever and will probably make that ram run hot...

    I'd recommend you buy better ram if you wanna oc it... something that might be 7-7-7-24... with ram like that you can loosen the timing and run it at the next spec speed.. so if it was 1660 you may be able to get it to run at 1866...

    But then again the most painless way is to just buy the ram that is advertised to run at the speed you want... so you don't have to oc and run into stability issues...
  2. Thanks Videl...

    Could you possibly give me an example or two of such ram?

    That would suit the Asrock Extreme4 board.

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    Here's a good guide for basic ram overclocking.

    And here would be an example of ram you can overclock... although any ram should technically work... G.Skill Eco ram overclocks pretty well (being low voltage ram) you can loosen the timings and pick you the frequency, you also have some room for voltages.

    The corsair vengeance ram should overclock well enough... the key is low timings, they will give you reasonable room to overclock the frequency. It wouldn't make sense buying cas 10/11 ram and trying to ocing it because you would have to loosen the timings even more... unless you wanna keep the frequency but try tightening the timings (which will require adding voltage)
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  5. Thanks a ton Videl...

    Will study the guide for sure.

  6. No problem,

    Good luck man, happy to see people who like to do stuff that's a bit more advanced than the average "overclock my cpu/gpu"
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