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I have an ASUS P6X58D MOBO with a SATA HDD and on the initializing screen it tells me, for just a few seconds. "no hard disc detected", then it boots up just fine. Should I be concerned about this error and is there something I should do to get it to recognize my HDD immediately.I built the pc myself from scratch and am wondering if I just missed a setup step. I didn't do anything to setup my bios, because the ASUS manual wasn't clear on what I should do. I am not completely proficient with computers and didn't want to touch the bios without understanding it first.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    What you are likely seeing is the result of your system having multiple SATA controllers and one of them has no devices attached to it. I have seen this before and it has no impact on your system's performance. To make the problem go away, you need to go into your BIOS and disable the SATA controller your aren't using - OR- just ignore it. Enjoy! Good luck!!!
  2. Sweet thanks for the info
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