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Hello, we i just recently bought a gtx 260, asus. i overclocked it from 576/1015/1242 to 700/1167/1484 stable. i achieved this by putting the fan to 100%, but now, the fan seems to randomly drop down as if its on auto. in EVGA precision, its on 100%.

To solve this, i have to go back into evga and set it to 100%.

Is ther any other way to solve this?
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  1. Try Riva tuner, I have never had any luck with any of the utilities that come with the cards (Nvidia is terrible) I've had EVGA, Gigabyte and MSI and I've ended up using Riva tuner on each card.
  2. +1 to Rivatuner.
  3. i dont really like rivatuner when i was back on my 8800gts, i couldnt get as high overclocks as ntune :\
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