Dell dimension 4500 case mod for new motherboard......Will it work?

hello everyone im planning to mod a dell dimension 4500 case for his new mobo ASUS M4A785. Its not very big its a build im doing for my friend.

I want to know if i can drill holes into the case and add risers into those holes.

Everything will be upgrades ram and such the case will be stripped down to the metal and resprayed.

Heres a pic

dont mind the highlighted area its a close up of the mobo

any ideas? is it safe to drill the holes cause he doesn't have the money for a new case

*edit can holes be cut for a new fan/s we dont care if it will be ugly as long as it works.

We have some bondo that might help i think that is what its called that is used to fill in some empty spots so the case can be sprayed.
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  1. ithe plastic components will be stripped of and not put back on maybe the stand. and i have a couple inches of sheet metal to remake

    the hard drive bays i work part time at a automotive bodyshop repair they have the latest tech for bending , streching , warping almost

    anything regarding metal. the have this big roller that can roll the metal down to almost any thickness. so that wont be a problem.

    The plastic parts will be taken off and discarded again except the the stand.

    What about cutting out holes for fans?
    Do you have any idea how to remove this case holding fan on it its really a pain and i dont want to break it .
  2. ahem...
    i understand you may be financially limited, but it would be cheaper and easier to buy a new case :)
    it will also cool better and be more reliable. and it will look better too!
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