Crucial m4 128GB SSD RAID 0 or not?

I will mainly use my computer for video editing + encode (Adobe After Effects), web browsing, watching HD movies. I only have a single Crucial m4 128GB right not, but I'm thinking of buying another one and doing this setup:

Crucial m4 128GB x2 RAID 0 (OS + Programs)
Seagate 1TB internal HDD (videos, music, pics)

Will I see noticeable improvements in After Effects and encoding using RAID 0?
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    You'd see minimal performance difference at best and at worst eliminate TRIM support and have twice the possibility of failure. RAIDing SSDs generally does not make sense. Larger SSDs tend be faster, save your money and replace it with a 256GB when you can and you'll have an extra 128GB for games.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I also found similar replies elsewhere: . I'll just stick with 128GB single SSD until I need 256GB like you said.

    I almost jump on the deal because of the recent (and still ongoing) SSD price war.
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