M4a78 plus compatible graphics cards

I have a:
Asus M4A78PLUS Motherboard

I have a chance to get:
ATI FireGL V8650 GDDR4 2GB PCI-Express

Also the seller had this to say

Since the original bracket of the card is too long for most computer cases, I cut the end of the bracket by myself and the bracket was broken at the right angle area as you can see it in the picture. The card is working fine because I dissemble the bracket before I cut it. Now it is good for all computer cases.

Is this going to be a problem?
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  1. Fire cards are meant for high end cad, photo editing - their professional cards. They are not meant to play games, they can in most cases but usually lag behind the mainstream cards. Just an FYI.
    As for the bracket, if he took it off before cutting it like he said so, then no it won't hurt the card. It sounds like he had a small form factor case and the bracket was the normal case height one. If he cut it then you won't be able to secure it in a normal size case.
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