Did I mess up my Black Friday MB purchase?

Hi guys,

I’m building my first system in 5 years (a budget gaming system), and in my rush to get in on the Black Friday deals at Newegg I’m now concerned I ordered the wrong mobo due to not being familiar with the current specs.

Parts I ordered: i3-550 / GTX460 / 4gb DDR3 @ 1600 / optical and HDD / Antec case and PSU / etc
I ordered the ASUS P7H55/USB3 mobo because I read ‘somewhere’ the H55 was the best chipset for the i3 series. Now I’m learning that’s if you’re going for onboard video, which obviously I’m not.

Are the differences neglible and I simply disable onboard video and not worry about it? Or do I bite the bullet and exchange the incoming mobo for a P55 mobo. I will only have the single video card, so that's not part of the equation.

Thanks for any feedback!
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  1. I wouldn't exchange it; I use an h55 board, and it works with either the onboard cpu graphics or a separate video card. I like having the onboard option in case you have problems with your video card. Mine overclocks fine.
  2. That's a relief, thx for the reply!
  3. I'm not sure what your question is. Are you asking if there will be issues with compatibility, or whether you should exchange the mobo because of performance differences between H55 and P55 chipsets?
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