Ram Killed my Entire system?

Changing case after some ugly ***. went to buy a new motherboard as my old one had no book. :bounce:
Placed the ram in wrong way. Still dont know how the f*ck i did that. but still.
Got a New Motherboard.
3 Red Lights on Video Card (D103-2-1) on ATi XFX 4890 @ Stock
Wiggled the Power Cord Mouse Powered up got it to a point of where i was able to get into the bios.
turned the case over dead.
changed PSU Thought it was Cable. Still Dead.
Tryed Old Mobo used the old Scoredriver trick. wiggled the new PSU 24Pin Cable still 3 Lights of death.
System Dead
Specs Here:
AMD Phenom II x3 @ Stock
Zalman Cooling.
Thermaltake Soprano
ATi 4890 @ stock
Asrock N52x3
Gigabyte MA770UD3 ( wow cant belive i remembered that :p
Totel System Failure.

Totel System Failure.
Not The Motherboard
Not The PSU
Not The GPU
Not the Drives
Not the Case Sw
CPU? Cant be it worked before and was able to OC to 3.2 on Air (I Underclocked it to stock before case change.)(and it Pissed on crysis before i changed case :sol: )

If the CPU is dead im pretty sure its not. then some cheap bastard at asrock made some really smelly *** here.
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    And theres a reason why a lot of us do not like Asrock motherboards.
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